All Seasons Lightweight Wool

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This lightweight Wool Masterpiece is a all season choice and Charles Twine favorite. It's lightweight feel is great for warmer weather and is an eye catching option for your wardrobe. 220 Color options for this Fabric.


Delivery Time:

Delivery time is 3 weeks from order submission following your Payment and Video Measurement Session. 


What to expect:

Once you complete your purchase we will schedule your Video Session from your Computer or Device (Larger screens are recommended). During your video session you can review different colors from the same fabric book, relay any details or changes you want on style, including stitching, functional button sleeves, suit lining and Monograms. All are included in the price. There are 220 other color choices on this fabric you can review. 


 Measurements will be required to construct your suit. On your video session we will assist you with your measurements. To prepare for your video consultation and measurement session you will need a partner and a cloth measuring tape which you can find in any sewing section, or we can ship one to you. You want your custom suit to be perfect, and with our guidance it will be!